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Since 1897 already, Brink & Campman manufactures high-quality rugs. The combination of over a 100 years of experience, craftsmanship and continuous product development results in Brink & Campman being a well-known name both at home and abroad. Modern rugs are made using old crafts in our factory based in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands. All Brink & Campman rugs originated in the company’s own design studio. Our designers develop the unique collection range, starting with a nice yarn, inspired by the latest trends or fascinated by technical possibilities. Therefore the Brink & Campman collection proudly carries the title ‘Made in Holland’. Each fall a new Brink & Campman collection is presented, filled with novelties in several qualities.


Our qualities

Throughout the years Brink & Campman specialised in several rug qualities. Every quality has its own characteristics, specifications and possibilities. The variety in our collection results from de diversity in techniques being translated in Brink & Campman’s own  iconic handwriting. Axminster woven, tufted, handknotted, handwoven and handtufted are the techniques that we work with:


Made in Holland

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By means of Axminster weaving and tufting, rugs are manufactured in our own factory. The rugs are made in a traditional weaving process on Axminster looms, characterized by a cut-pile that can be either high or low. One of our most iconic qualities called ‘Rocks’ is being woven on Axminster. Rocks is made of thick wool yarn that gets its strength and thickness by the process of felting and its colours by using the space-dye technique. This combination enables a unique rug as result. On the same machine, with thinner yarn in a low pile, the intriguingly patterned Prado quality is being made as well. By adding shining eucalyptus fibres (Tencel ™) to the wool yarns a rich lustre appears to make these rugs into unique products. Made in Holland with the robot tuft technique are the Stone and Twinset qualities. The yarn that is used in these qualities gives them their robust look and feel. Moreover, this technique allows customers to choose their own shape and size rug.



BC yeti anapurna 51904 SFEER B CustomThe Yara, Nima and Yeti qualities from the Brink & Campman collection are handknotted, in both Nepal and India. The use of the finest yarns in this traditional technique gives these qualities their gorgeous look. Whether they are knotted in plain colours with natural wool yarns or made in intricate and colourful designs, these rugs look fabulous either way. The craftsmanship of this hand knotting technique is fantastic to combine with modern design.


BC atelier craft 49506 SFEER B Custom

A more recent addition to the various qualities in the Brink & Campman collection are the handwoven rugs. All characterized by the flatweave technique, each type of flatweave has a complete different identity. Where Kashba resembles the traditional Kelim quality in remarkable designs and vivid colours, the Marble and Cobble are totally different kinds of rugs. Thick, felted wool yarn is used for both Marble and Cobble in rich hues, woven in robust and luxurious structures without ever losing their elegance.

The newest member to the handwoven family is the Atelier quality. Brink & Campman’s design studio developed a technique that makes the surface and appearance of these rugs truly unique. This so-called double weave technique allows the rug to make large and open weave structures shine while the simultaneously with this surface woven backing ties the whole rug together. The Atelier rugs have a stability and solidity that adds to their contemporary appearance, without any synthetically adhesives.




BC estella lagoon 89102 SFEER CustomWithin the Brink & Campman collection the handtufted rugs are easy to recognise by their colourful designs. In the wool handtuft quality called Estella, viscose yarns are used often to highlight extra elements in the pattern. A loop pile next to the more traditional cut pile, or the combination of both gives the handtufted rugs a rich structure and makes it look like this quality reinvents itself every time.



The collections for several brands, designed and manufactured by Brink & Campman, are mainly made in the handtufted technique. All 8 brands that we work with are well-known names in the international fashion and interior branch, like Ted Baker, Wedgwood, Morris & Co. and Harlequin. The Brink & Campman design studio collaborates with these brands’ design studios, resulting in characteristic rug collections filled with iconic designs that undoubtedly will be an eye catcher in any interior.



In addition to our standard size collection we also offer the opportunity to order bespoke sizes in various designs and qualities. Because custom size rugs are made especially for you, lead times may vary from those of standard sizes rugs. Our sales staff will be pleased to advise you of the possibilities, lead times, costs etc. Please contact our sales office: +31 (0)544 390 400.




Want to see our collections?

Our website shows the whole collection. Nevertheless we can imagine you would like to see and feel the rugs in real life. This is possible in one of our showrooms:

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